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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

pl003 preloved ralph lauren tee - 3M

Preloved Items (PL003)
Brand : Ralph Lauren (Label cut)
Color : Pink

Size :3M (suitable for 0 - 6mos)

*pls check measurement first before purchase because kids sizes may vary..
Measurements : Height (labuh dr bahu ke bwh) - 24 cm
                           : Chest (dada:ukuran flat) - 25 cm
(pls click the pic for larger & clearer view) 
STATUS: Worn twice only pastu dah tak muat..my baby is very big size! :))
Jgn ragu2, baju preloved kat sini semua anak saya punya, bukan dr oversea or bundle dan saya dah basuh semua...:)
Sgt2 good condition> PERFECT 

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