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Monday, February 11, 2013

My Kids Preloved Branded Collection

Code: P13
Preloved Green Shirt
Brand : Okie dokie
Size : Fits 18/24mon
Condition : Very Good. No defect. Pakai harian di rumah.sgt cute
Material : Cotton shirt
Price : RM6

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SALE :Gymboree Red Polka Dot L/Sleeve Shirt for Girl

Gymboree Red Polka Dot L/Sleeve Shirt for Girls
**Excellent Quality, Export quality! Recommended :)) - Last Piece
Size : 3T (Slightly big cutting, *pls check mesurement)
Dada : 30cm, Labuh : 41cm, labuh tgn: 38cm, Bahu : 26.5cm (ukuran diambil laid flat.)
Postage RM6(WM) / RM9(EM)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Kids' Preloved Collections

Item & code : Sleepsuits Premature Baby PL09 **Brand New**
Brand : Next Baby (london)
Size : fits small baby / premature babies 2.4kg below
Condition : very good excellent, mmg baru.. tak pakai pun sbb tersilap beli.. ni utk baby pra matang yg halussss mulusss je.. baby i besaq, lahir je dah 3.5kg mmg tak muat la!huhu
Price : RM6
Status : SOLD

Item & code : Rompers apple of mum's eye PL12
Brand : Baby GAP
Size : fits 3-mon
Condition : very good takde rosak.. buat jalan pun bole..sbb yg ni yg mahal punya tau
Price: RM6
Status : Available

Item & code : 3 quarter white pants PL13
Brand : F&F
Size : fits 18/24mon
Condition : very good takde rosak.. buat jalan2 pun sgt sesuai.
Price : RM8
Status : Available

Item & code : Infant Prewalker Shoesocks PL14
Brand : Gerber
Size : fits 3/6-mon anggaran - tapak 11cm
Condition : very good takde rosak.. Excellent condition. Pakai sekali shj. Dah siap basuh...mmg mcm baru
Price : RM10
Status : SOLD

Item & code : Crochet infant prewalker shoesocks PL15
Brand : No brand- ni tempah kat org..custom made punya
Size : fits 2 mon (tapak 9cm)
Condition : very good.. pls expect some wear signs.benang dah bebulu jgk..
Price : RM8
Status : Available

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Preloved Collection - Baju preloved anak2 saya...


Item & code : Singlet Disney Baby Minnie PL07
Brand : Disney
Size : 12/18mon
Condition : very good takde rosak- buat pakai harian di rumah...
Price : RM5
Status : SOLD

Item & code : Shirt let's have fun PL08
Brand : George (london)
Size : fits 3years
Condition : very good excellent, mcm baru.. pakai less than 3 times kot...
Price : RM10
Status : Available